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In nature, the purpose of sex is procreation. Some religions and philosophies still believe that the sole purpose of sex should be procreation.

However, even animals have sex for pleasure. In order to promote breeding, nature’s made sex extremely pleasurable. This is a simple reality and to ignore the benefits of this truth is irrational and short sighted.

Sex should be appreciated and enjoyed.

All the people who think sex is dirty, low-class and immoral, should wake up to the fact that without sex none of us would exist.

Should the means of our existence be a dirty little secret?

One great disappointment in American sensibilities is that we are a sex-crazed nation, which is wonderful, our television shows, books and movies are filled with sexy people, sexual innuendo and constant flirtation, yet we’re on egg-shells, whenever sex is really talked about or shown.

The majority of Americans are extremely uncomfortable talking openly about sex, sexual dysfunction, masturbation, pornography, anal sex, etc. It’s ridiculous! We are a horribly sex-starved nation, which is terribly afraid of that which we often desire most, sex.

The repression is so severe that you have to remind yourself that people are having sex all across the nation in nearly every apartment, house and condo.

Can’t we talk about the things that most of us want to do, have done or are already doing? Isn’t it hypocritical, if not childish, not to? This is one of the most important and most pleasurable things people will do in their entire lives and yet, the lines of communication in this arena, for many Americans, are blocked by the wax of a million overly-conservative ears.

It’s time for grown-ups to finally grow up. It’s time for us to talk about sex without shame. We can all benefit from open and honest conversation about sex. Sure, there will be moments of uncertainty and perhaps even embarrassment, but rest assured, nothing sexual has happened to you that hasn’t already happened to many others before you.

So what’s the goal? What’s the ideal situation we’re attempting to reach in the sexual consciousness of our country and the world at large?

It’s this…


If someone enjoys sex, let’s put an end to the negative connotations of “sluts” and/or “gigolos.” There don’t need to be any negative monikers inflicted on sexual participants who may be more successful liberated, or giving. Leave them to their exploits and their proclivities.

Note that many of the people, who use derogatory terms for people who are very sexually active, do so, because deep down, they’re jealous.

The important thing for the promiscuous is that they are safe and do not lie to or hurt their partners. The rest is a life-style choice they have their right to.


Let’s all finally come to grips with the fact that love and sex can be two different things. For many women, they aren’t and many women seem to believe they can’t have one without the other, but women should be able to get their head around the concept that for many men, sex and love are two completely different things.

Women who can accept the truth of that would not only go a long way toward understanding men better, but they also could potentially free themselves up for a more enjoyable sexual awakening.


Pornography features a number of fantasies, just like any Hollywood movies. Sure, some of the fantasies are offensive, unrealistic, despicable, degrading to women and also to men…but we see things like that in movies and TV shows all the time. People murder other people in cold blood constantly in fictional entertainment and most of us are not that worried that viewers are going to watch those despicable acts and suddenly go on murder sprees. Most fairly right-minded people are not that easily manipulated, nor that clueless.

So there is nothing wrong with Porn. There is nothing wrong with masturbation. The two often go hand in hand and have likely been mutually responsible for the elimination of billions of rapes, because masturbating to porn allows people to satisfy themselves with a diet of fantasy, rather than to act out, due to sex lives that are often lacking or undernourished.

    For all the negative things porn offers in the way of appalling
stereotypes and unacceptable social behavior, remember the porn/masturbation combo is also responsible for preventing rape and violent crime. They are NOT RESPONSIBLE for STDs or HIV and they are responsible for a lot of happiness and relaxation the world over. Porn has even been known to spark sex lives and help save marriages here and there.


Why are parents telling teenagers not to masturbate? “You’ll get hairy palms! You’ll go blind! It will fall off!” No. No. No. We’re doing people such a disservice by getting them to ignore the exploration and enjoyment of their own bodies. It’s one of the greatest gifts they’ll get in their entire lives and you want them to refuse to play with and use it???

Share information about sex with your teenagers. Tell them in addition to keeping them happy and healthy, masturbation will help make them better lovers for future partners. Tell them it’s good and natural that they learn to pleasure themselves, just ask them to do it in the privacy of their own rooms.


Sex is a thing that almost all of us want a lot of and most of us spend a good portion of our lives trying to obtain, yet we aren’t really supposed to do it a lot, nor see it, nor pay for it, nor do it too fast, nor do it with the wrong type of people, nor really talk about it.

Let’s be able to have conversations with our friends, lovers and spouses about sex. Let it be permissible! Let it be in vogue! Let it be upper-class, moral and reflecting of proper education to talk about sex, as it would be to talk about any other matter of relevance, especially since this is a matter of so much relevance!


People used to be pressured that they should NOT live together before getting married. This is generally a huge mistake!

This actually has to do with a lot more than just sex, but just examining the sexual aspect of things, when two people are dating and see each other occasional and have great sex, it can be wonderful! However, benefits of this situation include “absence,” which makes the heart grow fonder and stokes desire, “planned meetings,” which allow for people to see each other at their best and “the ability to have enough space and individual time,” which is generally necessary for most people to enjoy their lives.

When you start living with someone, the monotony of seeing them all the time and probably having sex more often can drain the passion from your sex life and your relationship. You also see your lover before they put on makeup. You smell your partner before they take showers. You see them at their worst as well as at their best. And people are often unfairly robbed of their free-time and personal-space by the demands and expectations of partners who are often too needy.

Problems like this can kill a sex life and murder a marriage. It’s better to endure these problems and face the possible demise of a relationship, rather than having to face the potential demise of a marriage, with children, in a worst case scenario, which really complicates matters!


In the past, the church and some conservative parents stressed the importance of not having sex before marriage. That perception may be changing, but even if it is, the change can’t come fast enough! For the vast majority of people who wait to have sex, it seems they are doing themselves a huge disservice.

Sure the benefits may include a little extra romance, less likelihood of STDs and unplanned parenthood and a special link with their partner, but the drawbacks are substantial and would seem to outnumber the benefits.

Drawbacks include…

1.    You have no practice in the art of love-making/sex, so you are likely to be clueless, nervous and probably terrible early on.
2.    Your first time is more likely to be a disappointment because of point #1. 
3.    You never sowed your wild oats, so you are more likely to cheat later.
4.    You have nothing to compare your lover to, so you may always wonder what you’re missing out on and you never really know how good your partner is.
5.    Losing your virginity to someone often creates a special link with that person. While that sounds great and it can be, it can also be a nightmare for the people who are married to the wrong person, but the fact that their spouse was their first is an added weight that wraps them around their partner’s finger and makes it even harder to leave, even if they would be much happier moving on.
6.    Since you have never practiced or experimented, your lover may be more likely to leave you, because you probably are not a very good lover.


Many schools teach reproductive process, during which most students are bored out of their minds and wishing they were learning the nuts and bolts aspects of the sexual act. Why not teach them that?

How is it damaging a young people’s development to help make them good lovers. To help them do something well that they will do eventually anyway, without guidance, if they must.

Most parents seem to try not to address the topic of sex, but so many people are lousy lovers. Can’t we discuss and teach people how to be good at sex, so that people who are going to have sex anyway, can do it well for a change?

Logical Spiritualism challenges you to improve in all aspects of your life. Why should sexual improvement be any different? Aspire to be a great lover and seek out ways to improve.

9.    BE SAFE

There are a lot of infomercials and people talking about making sure you have safe sex, so you don’t get HIV or STDs. Those are certainly legitimate threats one should be concerned about, but another huge threat that probably affects your life even more than an STD and is far too common is unplanned/unwanted pregnancies.

There is nothing wrong with knowing you’re not ready to have a baby, or knowing you have the wrong partner or that it’s the wrong time. Having a baby puts a real strain on people’s lives and some of that often reflects negatively in the baby’s upbringing. Un-planned parenthood is a huge problem that is still not getting the attention it deserves.


There shouldn’t be negative stigmas attached to threesomes, orgies, group sex, open marriages, swinging and the like. People should be entitled to their preferences and left to their proclivities. Your sexual interests don’t have to be the same as anyone else’s.

Just think of how boring the world would be, if we all did, wanted and were turned on by the exact same things. That’s death to diversity and variety and birth to stagnation, disappointment and boredom. There are different people. Afford them the respect to have different interests.

If you’ve never tried Korean food, or you don’t like Korean food, you don’t go into Korean restaurants and tell them it’s disgusting and immoral to make Korean food. You don’t try to get the local governments to shut those restaurants down. You just accept that some other people like Korean food and you aren’t one of them, so you let them enjoy what they like and you don’t go there. After all, they’re not hurting anyone.

So why is it that people go nuts when it comes to sexual preferences?. They say, “You can’t be a homosexual! Being gay is wrong! I’m not gay and I don’t like the idea of being gay, so it’s morally wrong to be gay! You can’t pee on each other or have sex with midgets! That’s disgusting!!!” To each their own. If no one’s getting seriously injured or emotionally ravaged, it’s their thing, not yours, so let them enjoy what they enjoy and hopefully they’ll extend the same courtesy to you.

By: Evan Marquisee
February 1, 2015

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How I wish more parents were this open about sex ed to their kids other than putting sex across as a gross venture. They could really learn a lot from this.
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Nice information about Sex. thank for sharing
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Nice information about Sex
and awareness of Sex
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Absolutely agree with you. The article is an eye-opener.

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